Friday, January 21, 2011


After having a nice lunch at Red Lobster in Canton with my good friend, Barbara, I set out to get some new photos. She lives in the country where there are barns and lovely hills and valleys. Barb had to run some errands, so I was on my own. Now on these old country roads, there is no where to stop and park your car. If you move to the right, there is a chance of getting stuck in a ditch. So I pretty much did as my Flickr friend, Hootnonny does, and just shot out of my window, checking my rear view mirror to make sure no one was coming up behind me. Naturally, with Murphy's Law, on a usually deserted road, someone is behind me. Oh well, that photo was not meant to be. Onto the next scene.

I did happen to get a few nice photos that will sustain my creative juices for this week. And will post them on Flickr when I process them. Here is one:

I was imaging that this is where I was living. What a respite from the busyness of the world. So serene and peaceful.

Blessings and Peace to you all!


ju-north said...

Beautiful image!

hootnonny said...

Love the curves in the fence and the roads. It would be great to drive up this beautiful road and find respite at the finding gold at the end of a rainbow!

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Beautiful composition, Charlotte! I'm not too far from some country roads either, but I have the same problem~~few places to stop :~( But I'll try this tecninque and see what happens :~)

charlottes web said...

My thanks to you all!

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