Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Katie is home!

Katie has been gone for about 6 days visiting her father, stepmother and sister in Santa Fe, NM. Since Nick has been sick, they have stepped up their plans for building his dream house at the foot of the mountains. Right now they are staying in a rental adobe style house. Building is slow out there.
Katie had a ball! She even ran a road race with her little sister, Giovanna! And she came in second in her class!
She loves the land almost as much as I do. The vast open spaces with mountains beyond and blue sky that seems to go on forever, always spoke to me. But at her age, she would not be happy to be there for long...she is too social for that!
Need to help a friend out with her son's rehearsal dinner friday night. I am only making brocolli salad but it is for 75 people! Paula, bless her heart, is making the desserts, the napkin rings, the decorations, the chicken dish, the filet of beef and who knows what else. She has so many friends that are also taking part. Thank God for friends!
Jimmy is coming home tomorrow! I sometimes feel lost without him. Actually, I do feel lost
when he is not here.
Have good day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend at Savannah

My sweet husband booked a stay for us at the Hilton de Soto at Savannah for 3 days. We had a lovely time despite the heat. It was bearable because we got out early in the morning and after one hour of walking around, he suggested that we drive up and down the street of the city in air conditioned comfort. A man after my own heart.
This was a new situation for Jim since I had given him my old DSLR to learn on. I was in the role of a teacher. It was interesting to see what he took photos of, everyone has their own vision. That is what makes Flickr so interesting.
We noticed that the architecture is unique in Savannah...very ornate, filigreed wrought iron fencing, railing and gates. There were farmers' markets, craft stalls, parks, cafes and horse drawn carriages galore.
We drove to Tybee Island one day and explored the old fort with its prison, cannons and moats. Although there is a lighthouse on the island, we couldn't bear the heat to make the 1.6 mile round trip walk.
Lunch was fun in a place called Six Pence Pub. What else...English fare. We both had a Harp's lager. Jim ordered Shepard's Pie and I had the Bangers and Mash. It was a very charming place right across from where we were staying.
One of the highlights of the trip was going to Mass at St. John the Baptist Cathedral. What a beautiful old church, complete with ornamental ceilings and stained glass depicting Jesus, Mary and many saints.

More later. I am going to Keegan's, an Irish pub in Marietta, with Jim for a late lunch.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Serve on toasted sour dough
Ingredients: chopped tomatoes,
fresh chopped parsley and basil,
olive oil, salt and pepper
Prepared topping

Last night I made a wonderful bruschetta from the fresh tomatoes and basil in my garden. Here are the ingredients and final product.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

K has graduated!

My daughter, Katie, graduated with a BS in Exercise Science. They never had this degree, to my Knowledge, when I went to college. But that was in the Stone Age, according to Katie. :o)

The ceremony was rather long for us in the bleacher seats but it was worth it to see how happy all the students were.

Afterwards we met up outside the Convocation Center for some photographs. And then on to Penang for a little celebration.
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