Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow here in Georgia

Is there anything more magical than waking up to a winter wonderland of snow. It cleans everything that it touches with its sparkly cover.

We anticipated the storm all day yesterday eventhough the weather reports said that it would begin after 8 PM. Just like little kids, we kept looking out the window for signs of impending snow.

Jim made numerous trips outside to gather tinder and logs preparing for a long winter's night. News anchors advised  all to stay home and away from traveling on what would become treacherous road conditions. Those with hilly driveways, parked below on the street.

We left the back porch light on, so as to not miss the first flakes. Around 9PM, we were thrilled to see the snow start. We went to sleep dreaming of sugar plums. LOL Well it felt like Christmas.

Outside Dining


hootnonny said...

Snow cream is on the menu, I suppose! That'a lot of's still snowing here. My daughter and her Golden Retriever walked over in the snow to visit. They both were enjoying the falling snow and probably 6" on the ground.

Louisiana Belle said...

Man, you guys got a lot! We got about an inch and then it melted away after a few hours.

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