Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day after the Snow

Life is so sweet when there is a blanket of snow outside. We are still advised by the news media that we should not venture out onto the streets unless we have to. I love the serenity of this enforced homeboundness. It stirs up memories of when I was a child and we would get to stay home on days that it snowed. We loved our routine being upset, getting up late in the morning and having hot chocolate and playing games.

Today is a kind of day like that. Normally, I do not get up and make a big breakfast. But today, I got a hankering for pancakes, eggs and bacon. So, that is exactly what i made: Banana pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and turkey bacon. Jim and Katie loved it and so did I.

The snow is not popular with everyone here though. My three dogs don't know what it is and they are trying to avoid going outside. Lola, especially, who is afraid of her own shadow, is really freaked out by the snow. She wants no part of it, even when picked up and placed on the snow. Poor thing starts shivering even with her jacket on. She will be happy when it melts.


hootnonny said...

I don't know what to do in the snow either, Charlotte. Did venture out but the snow was deep so I didn't get far.

Followed your lead and made pancakes for lunch. They were delicious!

charlottes web said...

Nothing like comfort food on a cold day!

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