Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photographing Children

Taking photos of busy little ones can be quite a challenge! Yesterday I brought some soup to my sick friend who was taking care of her grand children. Actually she wasn't "sick" sick. I think she suffers from allergies, known to afflict a lot of people here in the south.
Since I had my camera in my trunk, I brought it out to take some photos of K and C.
It was around 1pm and overcast when I got there. As soon as I attached my 50mm lens to my camera, the sun came out. Curses! This is not a good time to shoot pictures of people because of harsh glare, plus everyone is squinting to keep the sun out.

So, plan B; find the shade. I shot about 30 photos, but only could use 3; the one above and these:


Little Gardener

K with FB "Smitten" action

I know that there can be improvements here. Every photo op teaches me something.
Thanks for looking! Blessings to you!


Barbara said...

They're all lovely but that last one is gorgeous.

hootnonny said...

Nice job finding open shade! The catch lights are great. I too love the smitten image!

Glad yall dodged the bad weather. Matt said he watched from his apartment as the big cell rolled through Birmingham. Said it was a huge.

Louisiana Belle said...

Thanks for the tip about light! So glad you had a Plan B. These are beautiful children, beautifully captured by you. That last one is my absolute favorite!!

Dagmar said...

Hi, thanks for sharing this the sooc shots and how you captured the kids..good work!

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