Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Edits of the Engagement Photo Shoot

All afternoon I have been editing these photos. It is really a job, albeit a fun one! You have to remember to save the original and not to get too "fancy".

And remember to reflect the personality of your subjects.

And include one or two single portraits of each person, especially if they are gorgeous like this one.

And check out your surroundings to get the best backdrop for your photos.

And get different poses.

Kissing is encouraged!

Serene pose by a pond.

Instant frame from a cottage window.

It is so easy when you have such a cute couple!

 Another single portrait of F. Isn't she gorgeous? is in the air!

Sitting on an interesting tree trunk and whispering sweet nothings.

 Such pretty blooms to reflect her yellow top!

Can never get enough kissing shots. :o)

They are soooo happy!

They wanted a serious pose...this business of love and marriage is a serious path. I wish God's will and strength for this couple. Somehow I know they will be fine!

Thanks for looking! There is another post right below this one, about this photo shoot, if you are interested.


Louisiana Belle said...

Wow, Charlotte! This is your bread and butter girl! Your portrait skills really incredible. Love every single shot! That last one is gorgeous! Bravo!!

charlottes web said...


thanks so much for the encouragement!

hootnonny said...

Wonderful work Charlotte! Gorgeous couple and gorgeous portraits. Maybe the forum can help with the exposure issue.

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