Sunday, April 17, 2011

Focus 53 entry for April 17

Normally, I would have waited until Resurrection Day or Easter as we call it now, to post this. But the theme this week for Focus 52 is Hope. This is the sign of my hope; the risen Christ.

In my early years I was raised a Catholic and I was a pretty good one then. But after high school, I became a wild child, unknown by my parents; they would have had heart attacks and disowned me. I was not living as a Christian. Remember the "me" generation; "if it feels good, do it". That was me. And along the way, I lost my belief in God. "God was dead" as the Time headlines said. It was a lonely time. And with all the freedom that I had to do whatever I wanted, I wasn't really happy.

So I started a lifelong search for the meaning of life. I studied a lot of different religions but they eventually came up short. Buddhism had some meaning for a while but that ended pretty quickly also.

When we moved to Atlanta, I started to read the bible from the beginning to the end. And as life would have it, my husband left me. Those hard times I think God uses to draw you near to Him. I needed Him and I cried out to Him and He heard me. He never forsook me. He was always there waiting for me.

Now in my "twilight years" I am so blessed to return to my roots; we are now worshiping at a Catholic Church right in our neighborhood and loving it. I am definitely wiser now.

Blessings to you all!


Anonymous said...

So true! I love this post. I followed a similar path, except I started out Baptist and now I'm Catholic - a perfect fit. Blessings to you, too!

charlottes web said...

thank you, Barbara! I would love to hear your story.

Louisiana Belle said...

It's so eerie how similar our paths are! This is my first full calendar year as a practicing Anglican Catholic and I LOVE being back! We started going back on Holy Thursday of last year.

Barbara, my husband was a "dyed in the wool Baptist" and is now embracing Anglicanism (which is a branch of Catholicism). Never thought I'd see that day.

Louisiana Belle said...

Oops, forgot to say I love your photo for "hope".

hootnonny said...

Raised a Baptist, chose the Baptist church, and am still one. Was never too wild...was afraid of my mama!

You have the courage of your convictions. I admire that in you Charlotte!

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