Sunday, April 10, 2011

Focus 52 entry for April 10 Theme Yellow

Happy Sunday to all of my Blogging Buddies! What a glorious day it is here! Sunny with just a little wispy breeze every once in a while.

This week's theme for Focus 52 is yellow. My first inclination was to ride through the neighborhood to check out some yellow blooms. But alas! Most of the yellow has quit by now. I mean the forsythia, daffodils and least around here. All that I noted were yellow pedestrian and other warning signs. Back to the drawing board.

Then I noticed that my little dog, Elmo, was still wearing his little jacket. He received his summer haircut a little early and since it has been somewhat chilly here, he needs the warmth of a coat.

You could say that Elmo and I are joined at the ankle; wherever I go, he goes. So it was a challenge to photograph him. As I would back up to take a shot, there he would be walking forward to make up for the space. LOL


hootnonny said...

Happy Sunday to you Charolotte!
What a cutie Elmo is in his little yellow coat! Must be like having a little ball of sunshine at your feet!

Sandra Chetwynd said...

Oh my gosh, what a sweet face!! Kisses for Elmo!! Gorgeous photo.. great shot for the theme!

Louisiana Belle said...

Your Elmo is PRECIOUS! I love the little yellow jacket. "Joined at the ankle"...hee that!

Lisa said...

Whats not to love about this photo...and your comment about being joined at the ankle just made me giggle and giggle...I can see it taking place.

Barbara said...

Precious capture!! He's a doll!

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