Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reward at the end of the day

Today was filled with lots of pleasurable times and so not so pleasurable. Since it is Ash Wednesday, I was happy to go to get ashes on my forehead as a reminder that in addition to be the first day of Lent, that we are born of ashes and to ashes we will return. It was a beautiful time and I was so encouraged that so many people showed up at 12 noon, the lunch hour, to get their ashes in the sign of the cross.

Coming back home, I had to do research on property taxes of the rental properties that we have...not a fun prospect for me...too complicated. After two hours + I finally got what I think I needed and took a break to go have some fun. I set up an outdoor studio for the first time and tried to follow Shauna's instruction. Here is her site:

Hootnonny has also been my inspiration for my flower photography. Check her out at:

My main love is to photograph portraits but I am learning to love flowers and nature as well.

Blessings to you all! Comments are appreciated always!


Rosemary Aubut said...

Just beautiful Charlotte! I absolutely love the contrasting colors! Simply elegant!

charlottes web said...

thanks, Rosemary!

hootnonny said...

It's a gorgeous picture, Charlotte. Rose is an artist so she should know! I really like the composition as well as the edit.

You're editing is so must take all the credit. Your work has surpassed mine in every way. I do love working on edits with you via telephone. We learn from each other and it's fun!

Louisiana Belle said...

Charlotte, this is beautiful! I'm so excited that you are starting to enjoy nature photography. How great that you can work with hootnonny on the post processing!

I got my ashes too. My husband received them for the first time ever and he wore them proudly. Lent is such a special time.

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