Friday, March 11, 2011


I really admire people who can hunt for treasures in a thrift store. After having a nice lunch with my friend, Barbara, at Frankie's Italian, I decided to stop by America's Thrift Store. A friend of mine on Flickr , Betty, also known as "Hootnonny"has inspired me to shoot photos of flowers so I was looking for some unusual containers. I gave up after about 5 minutes. I wish I had more patience.

Anyway, I have so much "stuff" here that I just need to look for something. And I found it: a footed bowl that a friend gave me years ago. I think it is very interesting looking and worked for displaying these camellias that I "stole" from my next door neighbor. Ha! Not really...she has given me permission. You really have to pay attention in the springtime. If you don't, you will miss the show!

Check out Betty's blog to see how she creates her photographs:

Blessings to you all!!


hootnonny said...

Another gorgeous floral, Charlotte. The vase is perfect! Love how you used the two tones of music-inspired texture, and the fame highlights the pic beautifully!

The grocery store has pink, white, red, and yellow tulips. May have to stop by tomorrow after my committee work.

charlottes web said...

Thanks, Betty!

Louisiana Belle said...

Pretty processing! That is one of my favorite frames. Saw camellias in Baton Rouge just yesterday. We went to a rural life museum and they were at the front desk floating in a beautiful china plate.

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