Sunday, March 27, 2011

Focus 52 entry for March 27

  I didn't get far from home this week except to shop for the party necessities.
So here is my entry from my backyard studio.
I have to admit, this was a busy week for me, probably a cake walk for y'all. I don't handle stress very well. My next door neighbor's only girl child, young woman actually, is having her baby girl in the next month, so we gave her a shower. Jim, my sweet hubby, cleaned all week. Where does one get that ability, maybe it is in the genes.

Karen and her husband, Ron are glowing with anticipation and it was a joy to behold. Only half of the invited were able to attend; apparently this was a very busy weekend for all. It turned out very well. A friend of mine, who loves baking cakes and decorating them, made a beautiful carrot cake and came to set up the scene for a "tea party for the new baby". It was sweet and unexpected. We had all kinds of drink and food. Chicken salad sandwiches, romaine, strawberry, mandarin orange and walnut salad with balsamic vinaigrette, mini crab cakes, mini quiches and chicken taquitos were in abundance, so much so, that we had ample leftovers for today. We are so blessed in this country, aren't we!

Mother to be
Here is the luscious carrot cake made by my friend, Paula:


Louisiana Belle said...

Hmmm...not seeing any photos. I'll check back later.

The shower and food sounds so lovely. Glad you had a nice weekend. :)

charlottes web said...

I was having trouble uploading pictures and having them stay. :(

hootnonny said...

Charlotte, Love that blue picture, and I see all kind of photo ops from the serving pieces on the table!
Food sounds divine and the cake is to die for!

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