Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is tough!

Did you ever spend a lot of time on something, only to find out that it was in vain? I have been playing around with this blog (and I mean playing) for a good while. Now it is time to get serious. After attempting to design one myself, I decided to let a professional do it for me. Rita did a wonderful job designing a respectable site for me. But i feel like I have been dropped off on another planet where I definitely don't know the language. Soooo, I downloaded the instructions that she sent me a few weeks ago. And I am just now getting down to business. After struggling between a help site that she recommended and the settings on my blog, for about an hour, I am reeling in confusion. I thought I had followed all of the instructions, there was no change in the appearance of my home page. Actually, I was trying to add  a new font, that's all. But apparently if you get one dot of of place, it won't work. Well, tomorrow is another day. LOL


hootnonny said...

It's like reading Greek! I'll study it and see if two vintage heads are better than one!

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