Tuesday, December 14, 2010


In this hustle and bustle of what is referred to as the Holiday Season, are we not missing the opportunity to really prepare for the coming of the Lord. I mean, in our hearts. The four weeks preceeding Christmas, our church has a litergy that focuses on scripture that announces over and over that a Saviour will be born. Instead of being stressed out at not being able to cross all of our errands from our list, stop and meditate on what His coming to earth means to us. He came as a helpless infant, not a mighty King, as the Jews were looking for. Since he became like one of us, He knew what it was to be human. And we can relate to Him as a man, not some cold, distant force. Thank you, my Lord. I don't need any Christmas presents. You are all that I need.


hootnonny said...

Such a sweet post Charlotte and a wonderful reminder of the reason we celebrate Christmas.

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