Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Springtime Pasta with Peas - a recipe

Springtime Pasta with Peas

     Yesterday was so pleasant that I left the sunroom door open so that my dogs would be able to come and go while I worked on my computer. I heard a rustling noise and turned to see that my dogs were all in here with me. What was that sound then? I headed to the sunroom to find a little baby bird frantically trying to find his way back out. We have big picture windows facing the backyard and lots of birds mistakenly fly into it. I opened the sliding glass door opposite the other door to increase his chances of escape, and went back to the computer room.

I guess that means spring is here at last. And I am going to celebrate it with a very simple recipe that I made for my two girls when they were young.

Here are the ingredients:

Fettuccine or other pasta, Italian Parsley, one stick of butter, Parmesan cheese and of course, peas

First of all, put a pot of water on to boil. Add pasta and stir occasionally, adding salt if you like. Cook for the prescribed time for "al dente".

While the pasta is cooking away, grate the cheese and chop the parsley. Now this is not a fancy recipe and you can adjust the ingredients to your taste. I like a lot of cheese in my pasta so I will use the whole wedge.

And parsley, ohhh, i love it for the fresh taste that it imparts to everything. I put a ton of parsley in this recipe.

Oh, and don't forget the peas! I am using frozen because I think they are very good. But if you can get fresh ones, go for it.

 After your pasta has finished cooking, remove some of the cooking water and put aside. You may need to moisten your pasta if it is too dry. Now is the time to put in the peas to heat them slightly, don't need to cook them...the hot water will do the trick.

Next drain the water from the pasta and put back into the pan, add the stick of butter and stir until the butter is under the hot pasta and peas. Add the cheese and generous amount of chopped parsley.
All you need to complete the meal is a green salad and a fresh baguette. Enjoy!


hootnonny said...

This looks so yummy and easy, Charlotte. Next time the kids are here I'll try it!

charlottes web said...

What's not to like...butter, cheese and pasta! LOL

Rosemary Aubut said...

Wow, Thank you! Can't wait to try this! Very well presented.

charlottes web said...

Thanks Rosemary!

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