Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pennies from heaven?

Today was not a fun day. Please allow me to vent.

We are the unfortunate owners of two rental houses. I say unfortunate because of the experiences we have had with renters. Okay, they are not all bad. There was a woman named Tracy who left the house that she rented from us, in better condition than when she moved in. But that is not the norm, at least with us.

When we didn't receive the rent for this month of February, of course, my husband called to find out why. Whatever the excuse was this time doesn't matter. At least she and her two teen aged children moved out. Well, I say moved out, but then, they left a ton of "stuff" every where. And it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned the whole nine months of living in it.

We were very downhearted on seeing the mess and dirt that we would have to clean up.
Nine months ago, my husband spent a week of his time, cleaning, scrubbing and painting. Not to mention tending to the yard.

First a stop at Home Depot to get the necessary tools to begin our work;  a gallon of paint, three new dead bolts and door knobs, Lime-away( to get the crud off of the fiberglass tubs and enclosures), paint rollers and trays, and some other heavy duty cleaning supplies, for a total of $155. There goes my  new purse. Oh well, maybe another month. :o)

As we carried our purchases to the house to get started, we both felt overwhelmed at the enormity of it. We are getting older and it is hard to muster the energy for our own house.
As Jim was replacing the door locks, I started to sweep the whole house. Every few minutes, i would find a penny. Hmmmm. Not a big deal. But I kept finding more and remembered a story about a man finding a penny on the ground. Not many people bother to pick up a penny any more.

The moral of the story was that the man read what it said on the penny; "In God we trust".
I think that was what God was telling me today: to trust in Him. So I will keep on cleaning  being thankful that God is in control.

Pennies from the rental house


hootnonny said...

Isn't it something how God gets our attention! Sounds like yall have a few days of work to get the house presentable. Too bad that some folks just will not act like decent adults.

What a pleasant surprise to see Best Friends! You need to add that it was edited and named by you! Betty

Louisiana Belle said...

Awww, I loved seeing Betty's photo at the top of your page! The title is sweet. :)

Sorry your renters put you through that. Some people can be so inconsiderate. At least you found a bright spot with the penny reminder. Hope the next renters are God-sent.

charlottes web said...

Isn't that a sweet picture though.
Thanks for your sentiments about our renters.
I really appreciate your words.


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