Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peas on Earth

I used to never like  peas, especially, frozen peas and carrots that my father used to feed us as kids, in Richmond, Virginia. He was being the best father that he knew how to be, but his cooking skills were lacking for me, at least. His reprotroire was usually scrambled eggs with fried Spam slices,and for vegetables, frozen peas and carrots. The last; the peas and carrots were such an atrocity that I would do my best to get rid of it any way that I knew how. I would ball up the offending vegetables in my hand and when my father was out of view( my mother was at work at this time I went out the screened door and threw the offensive food out as far as I could !! Well, I wasn't as smart as I thought. My father was right behind me, and made me go out and get every pea and carrot that I threw away.
And he made me eat every one. I do not feel that I was disrespected by his actions even though I did not like them at the time.


Louisiana Belle said...

What a cute story. Funny, too. I remember Spam all too well. My mom would fry it in a pan. Gag! I've never been able to like peas. But I like your Peas on Earth in the plate. Very clever!

charlottes web said...


Thanks! I am glad someone is reading my blog. LOL You and Betty (Hootnonny).
Have a wonderful day!

hootnonny said...

I, on the other hand, LOVE Spam, but since it's not a healthy choice, I don't eat it. Love it fried slathered in mustard!

Funny memory, Charlotte, of thowing the peas, then retrieving and eating them! I do like peas but don't like peas and carrots in a can. When they serve peas and carrots at Wednesday night church supper, NO ONE eats them, but Mr. C still buys them and puts them on the menu!

BTW I wrote a very long comment on the daffodil pic, but evidently didn't wait for the word cause it didn't show up!

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