Monday, May 2, 2011

No more pretty dresses?

Taken with my camera so not sharp, sorry

Yesterday, I went shopping with my daughter, Katie. There was a sale on sun dresses and the ones in the circular looked nice. Now this is a pretty nice store in the mall; a department store. I was stunned at how ugly the dresses are these days. Is this a cruel joke? The prints are absolutely awful and gaudy! What happened to feminine, pastels and florals, checks, etc?

Here is another photo:

Prom Dresses??
Get a look at these prints!
I feel sorry for the young women who don't know how clothes used to look. They were so pretty! I remember almost salivating over the dresses, skirts and blouses at Lord & Taylor, Garfinkel's and Woodward and Lothrop. Being in a large family, we couldn't afford to buy too much though. But I could dream! Now I hate shopping. Looking for an Easter dress this year was a futile effort. Even online, I still had no luck. And another thing....just kidding. I am done ranting. LOL

What do you think?


Louisiana Belle said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Looking for something to wear for Easter was a real challenge. No pretty florals to be had! Feminine florals is what one would expect for Easter, but all I could find were drab colors and uninspiring patterns. I ended up wearing white capris and a leopard print blouse with white trim. It had really pretty silver buttons down the front which is why I bought it. It was something I would ordinarily not even consider, but there weren't too many choices!

hootnonny said...

It's my opinion that designers and buyers hate or have disdane for women...otherwise, why would this garbage end up in the stores. That said, try buying a decent dress in a, 'hem, mature size!

charlottes web said...

Hi ladies,
glad someone shares my opinion. Thanks.



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