Monday, May 2, 2011

Focus 52 April Showers and "It's Lady Charlotte, if you please"

Okay, so I know this is a stretch. But "April showers...bring May flowers" and so what if my posies are in the background. I just had to make my daughter the star of the show. :o)
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful week everyone!
 Forgot to mention how much I adored watching the British Wedding festivities! I love all the spectacular show of the soldiers on their horses, the horse drawn carriages, the Rolls Royce automobiles, the hats and of course, Prince William and his beloved Catherine. Weren't they gorgeous! Kate's gown was very elegant and classy, not as over the top as the one Diana wore in the 80's. And the handsome in their military gear. The fairy tale of it all was so very intoxicating. My ambition when i was little was to be a ballerina or a princess. I grew to be 5'10" tall, so the ballerina gig was out. And there were no nearby princes for me to meet so my early dreams fell apart. Ha!
I have been an Anglophile for a number of years now, enjoying Catherine Cookson's historical and romantic novels. So.....drum roll, please. I have decided that from now on, I am to be known as "Lady Charlotte". Come on, I am rather old. Indulge me. LOL


Louisiana Belle said...

Your daughter is so beautiful. I can understand you wanting to make her the star of the show.

Concerning the *ahem* attire worn by some at the royal wedding: wow. Some of those hats left me scratching my head, especially the ones on Beatrice and Eugenie. They looked ridiculous. Can you imagine sitting behind them? LOL

charlottes web said...

I didn't know those ugly hats were on Beatrice and Eugenie. Shame on them for giving hats a bad name. LOL

hootnonny said...

Lady Charlotte, your petite flower should be the star of the show!

Some of the dresses were as ugly as the hats. Did you see Princess Anne?

One of my all-time favorite books is Woman of Substance. I identify with the protagonist as a young girl. Don't believe there were any blue bloods in my ancestry. Guess that's where dreams start!

Barbara said...

Your daughter is gorgeous, and the posies in the back are perfect.

Pierre BOYER said...

Very nice portrait...
Greetings from france,


Rob-bear said...

Ah, yes; Lady Charlotte, Duchess of St. Swythen's by the Slough, and Baroness of the Back Forty, photographer. So delighted to meet you.

I do hope you're not offended that I'm traipsing about your bog (I mean blog). Delightful things here!

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