Monday, July 26, 2010

Today started out peacefully enough. After coffee and quiet time I headed off to take Elmo to the groomer's ...he was long overdue..poor little guy. At least he stays pretty cool in the house.
Then dropped back to St. Catherine's for morning mass. Very nice service in the chapel this morning as there was to be a funeral taking place in the main church.
Back home I needed to take care of some insurance business and contact consumer affairs advocate Clark Howard to get some advice on how to handle fraud in an internet order that I never received and how to contact the Casablanca Fan Co. to replace a defective fan. I don't deal well with stress like this. Does anyone? It takes so long to get to the right person and it is such a waste of time. But that is life, I guess.
K is taking her final exam in Chemistry this morning. Passing it is very important as she needs it to graduate on Thursday! Help her please, Lord!


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