Thursday, July 29, 2010

Graduation Day!

Today is Katie's graduation day after 5 long years of college. She is thrilled of course as we are.
Her degree is in Health and Physical Science. She hopes to be attending graduate school if she can just get a good GRE grade.
I am fighting a sucking down of depression, the kind that is really hard to put words to. I read something this morning that touched on what I mean: "The soul's love (for God) is still not such as God would have it. The soul suddenly loses the tangible perception of God's presence. Various defects and imperfections rise up within it, and it must fight them furiously. All her faults life up their heads, but the soul's vigilance is great. The former awareness of the presence of God gives place to coldness and spiritual dryness; the soul has no taste for spiritual exercises; it cannot pray, either in the old way or in the manner in which it had just begun to pray. It struggles this way and that, but can find no satisfaction. God has hidden himself from it, and it can find no consolation in creatures, nor can any of these creatures find a way of consoling it. The soul craves passionately for God, but sees its own misery; it begins to sense God's justice; it seems to it that it has lost all the gifts that God had given it; its mind is dimmed, and darkness fills it; unspeakable torment begins. The soul tries to explain its state to the confessor, but it is not understood and is assailed by an even greater unrest. Satan begins his work. "
excerpt from The Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska
Well I need to buck up and not let anyone see how i am really feeling or i will spoil the day.


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